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Analysis and PDE seminars at Aalto

Seminar on analysis and geometry

Analysis and geometry seminar is held usually on Wednesdays at 12-14 in M3



  • 18.9. 12:15  Jens Habermann (Erlangen): Finite propagation speed for parabolic quasiminimizers – M3 (M234)
  • 18.9. 13:15  Daniel Faraco (UA Madrid): Non-linear Beltrami equation – M3 (M234)
  • 18.9. 14:15  Fredrik Hoeg (NTNU): Concave power solutions of the Dominative p-Laplace equation – M3 (M234)
  • 25.9. 12:15  Sylvester Eriksson-Bique (UCLA): Loewner carpets and quasi symmetric maps – M3 (M234)

    Can we classify subsets of the plane that are 2-Ahlfors regular and 2-Loewner? In general, can we describe planar Loewner metric spaces. In this talk I will discuss my and my co-authors results on constructing examples, giving sufficient conditions and finding uniformizing maps for these spaces. Connections to Sobolev extension domains and geometric group theory will be described.

  • 2.10. 12:15  Prashanta Garain: Existence results to some singular p-Laplace equations – M3 (M234)

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