Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

The five main research areas of the Department are: algebra and discrete mathematics; analysis; applied mathematics and mechanics; stochastics and statistics; systems analysis and operations research. We offer major and minor studies at the bachelor's and master's level and provide doctoral research training. Our graduates have been recruited by universities, research institutes, governmental agencies as well as companies in the financial, energy and transportation sectors, for instance.


17.12. 15:15  Prof. Norbert Peyerimhoff (Durham University): Expander graphs and curvature – M3 (M234)

17.12. 16:15  Dr. Riikka Kangaslampi (Tampere University): Introduction to hypergraphs – M3 (M234)

18.12. 10:00  Teemu Pennanen (King's College London): Convex duality in nonlinear optimal transport – M1 (M232)

18.12. 11:00  Kaie Kubjas (Aalto): Exact solutions in log-concave maximum likelihood estimation – M1 (M232)

18.12. 13:00  Jaron Sanders (TU Eindhoven): Markov chains for error accumulation in quantum circuits – M1 (M232)

18.12. 14:00  Vesa Julin (University of Jyväskylä): The Gaussian isoperimetric problem for symmetric sets – M1 (M232)

18.12. 15:15  Tom Claeys (Université Catholique de Louvain): Random growth, interacting particles, and Riemann-Hilbert problems: from KPZ to KdV – M1 (M232)

18.12. 16:15  Joni Virta (University of Turku): Fast tensorial independent component analysis – M1 (M232)


Louna Seppälä 1.9.2019–31.7.2020

Sabine Oechsner 11.12.–14.12.

Tom Claeys (Université catholique de Louvain) 17.12.–19.12.

Peter Lindqvist 6.1.–15.3.

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