Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

The five main research areas of the Department are: analysis; discrete mathematics; applied mathematics and mechanics; stochastics and statistics; systems analysis and operations research. We offer major and minor studies at the bachelor's and master's level and provide doctoral research training. Our graduates have been recruited by universities, research institutes, governmental agencies as well as companies in the financial, energy and transportation sectors, for instance.


9.9. 12:15  Simo Mentu: Uniformisti distribuoitujen mittoje ekvivalenssi – M2 (M233)

9.9. 15:15  Madeleine Ekblom: Applications of homomorphic encryption – Y228a

9.9. 16:15  Jukka Keränen : Cohomology of Shimura Varieties in Number Theory – Y228a

9.9. 16:35  Esa Vesalainen: Exponential sums related to cusp forms – Y228a

16.9. 15:15  Kim Solin, Uppsala University/University of Helsinki/University of Queensland: Abstract algebras for reasoning about programs – Y228a

22.9. 15:00  Heikki Seppälä: Mikä on todennäköisyys? – M1 (M232)

23.9. 12:15  David Radnell: Teichmuller theory and the analytic foundations of conformal field theory – M2 (M233)

29.9. 15:15  Colloquium of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

30.9. 12:15  Xining Li: Preservation of bounded geometry under transformations of metric spaces – M2 (M233)

30.9. 15:15  Padraig Ó Catháin: Two problems in algebraic combinatorics – Y228a


Thomas Westerbäck 1.4.2014–31.12.2015

Dardan Klimenta (University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica) 1.12.2014–31.12.2015

Ha Tran 9.3.2015–8.3.2016

Tommi Tervonen (Erasmus University Rotterdam) 9.3.–30.9.

Michele Compare (Politecnico di Milano) 17.8.–28.8.

Dardan Amir 18.8.–13.11.

Yves Dominicy (Université libre de Bruxelles) 7.9.–11.9.

Public events

Quasiweekend II - Ten years after, December 10 - 13

30. July 2015

Quasiweekend II is a continuation of the first Quasiweekend organized in 2005. It's aim is to bring together internationally leading experts in geometrical analysis and related fields.

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