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Professor Paavo Pylkkänen (University of Helsinki)
Explaining consciousness in terms of information
* Tuesday 26 March 2019,   16:15,   M1 (M232)
Conscious experience has become the focus of intensive interdisciplinary study over the past few decades. By now there are a number of candidate theories of consciousness, many of which make use of notions of information in their attempted explanations of consciousness. This talk provides first a brief overview of consciousness studies and then considers how consciousness can be understood in the light of two approaches that make an appeal to information: David Bohm’s “active information” approach, and Giulio Tononi’s mathematical “integrated information” theory of consciousness.
Department Colloquium

Kristian Moring
Global higher integrability of weak solutions for systems of porous medium type
* Wednesday 27 March 2019,   12:15,   M3 (M234)
Seminar on analysis and geometry

Dr. Jie Li
High-Rate MDS Code Constructions for Distributed Storage Systems
Tuesday 02 April 2019,   15:15,   M3 (M234)
NOTE: TUESDAY! Distributed storage systems with high reliability have wide applications in large data centers, peer-to-peer storage systems, and storage in wireless networks. To ensure reliability, the redundancy is crucial for these systems. A popular option to introduce redundancy is to employ erasure codes such as MDS (Maximum Distance Separable) codes, which can efficiently store data and protect against node failures. In this talk, we will introduce several novel high-rate MDS code constructions which have optimal repair bandwidth and some other key properties. In addition, two generic transformations for MDS codes will also be given, one is to enable optimal repair in MDS code and the other is to reduce the sub-packetization level of existing MDS codes, which address two major concerns in high-rate MDS codes for DSSs.
ANTA seminar

Mohamed Serry (Bundeswehr University Munich)
Wednesday 03 April 2019,   12:15,   M3 (M234)
Seminar on analysis and geometry

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