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Prof. Gunnar Fløystad (University of Bergen)
Polarizations of artin monomial ideals define triangulated balls
* Monday 29 May 2023,   15:15,   Zoom
We show that any polarization of an artin monomial ideal defines a triangulated ball, via the Stanley-Reisner correspondence. This proves a conjecture of A.Almousa, H.Lohne and the speaker. Geometrically, polarizations of ideals containing the ideal (x_1^{a_1}, ...., x_n^{a_n}) define full-dimensional triangulated balls on the sphere which is the join of boundaries of simplices of dimensions a_1-1, ... , a_n-1. Combinatorially, these triangulated balls derive from subsets T of products of finite sets A_1 x A_2 x ... x A_n which we call bitight. The subset T and its complement fulfill exchange conditions similar to that of matroids. Zoom link:
Algebra and Discrete Mathematics Seminar

Dr. Alberto Pedrouzo Ulloa (U. Vigo)
Disrespectfully playing with Homomorphic Encryption, Federated Learning and Multivariate Rings
* Wednesday 31 May 2023,   10:15,   M3 (M234)
In this talk we will discuss some of the benefits and shortcomings of using Homomorphic Encryption (HE) for two very different types of practical applications. Firstly, we will talk about Federated Learning, and how to tailor HE for the efficient execution of secure average aggregation. In the last part of the talk, we will modify current HE schemes with the objective of better dealing with privacy-sensitive multidimensional signals (e.g., images). In particular, we will explore the possibility of substituting the more conventional power-of-two cyclotomic rings for different types of multivariate rings.
ANTA Seminar / Hollanti et al.

Prof. Marcus Greferath (University College Dublin)
Wednesday 07 June 2023,   16:15,   M3 (M234)
ANTA Seminar / Hollanti et al.

Matteo Allaix
Wednesday 14 June 2023,   16:15,   M205
ANTA Seminar / Hollanti et al.

Systeemitieteiden kandidaattiseminaari / Bachelor seminar in systems analysis
Friday 16 June 2023,   09:30,   Riihi (Y225a)
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Dr. Amin Sakzad (Monash University)
Vandermonde meets Regev: Public Key Encryption Schemes Based on Partial Vandermonde Problems
Wednesday 12 July 2023,   15:15,   M3 (M234)
ANTA Seminar / Hollanti et al.

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