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The Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis offers a Master's Programme in Mathematics and Operations Research and two master's level minors.  The objective of the programme is to train experts who have broad knowledge of mathematical methods and tools as well as strong problem solving skills so that they can successfully tackle challenging scientific, industrial, economic, and environmental problems.


Students in the master's programme select one of the following three majors:


The two minors offered by the Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis are:
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Current course information

Details on the current academic year's courses are available on our courses page.

Contact person for the master's programme:

Professor Lasse Leskelä.

List of past master's theses

AM = Applied Mathematics
MA = Mathematics
OR = Systems and Operations Research

(1) The Systems Analysis Laboratory maintains a list of OR theses back until 1985
(2) The separation between AM and MA began with students who entered the prgram in 2016

Author Title Major
M. Rissanen Lebesgue space norm estimates for the spherical maximal function MA
P. Karanko Security Model and Analysis of Access Delegation  MA
K. Siukola
Jaksoittainen bootstrap OR
N. Laakkonen
Optimization Problems in Outpatient Clinic Production Planning and Control  OR
 J. Eskola
Developing an optimization model for VR’s long-term locomotive allocation planning  OR
 S. Melander
Survival regression model for rolling stock failure prediction  OR
S. Turunen
Feasibility of Nonlinear Multifactor Classifiers for Predicting Share Returns  OR
L. Lehikoinen
Raidekaluston jarrupalojen vaihtostrategian optimointi simuloinnin avulla OR
I. Särkiö
Topic modelling of Finnish Internet discussion forums as a tool for trend identification and marketing applications OR
A. Lähevirta On optimization of empty raw wood wagon ciruclations of rail transport in Finland OR
J. Salmelin Estimating energy consumption of electric heating appliances in households OR
S. Helander On depth based classification of functional data AM
E. Kruglov Pointwise Convergence of Jacobi Polynomials AM
E. Kurki Homogenisation of the Stokes equations in a perforated domain by the energy decomposition method AM
T. Kuutela Beamforming in frequency division duplex cellular networks AM
S. Moradi Finite Element Analysis of Elastic Contact Problems AM
J. Puska Optimizing heating patterns in thermal tomography AM
J. Rendon An algebraic and combinatorial perspective on rank-one tensor completion AM
J. Timonen An efficient strategy to infer biochemical networks by means of statistical calibration of mechanistic models AM
K. Ailus Regression modelling of train energy consumption MA
L. Helanti Schauder-estimaatti MA
L. Tuhkanen Differentiaaliyhtälöiden visualisointi verkko-opetuksessa MA
N. Väisänen Beamforming Techniques for Optimizing Channel Capacity in Wireless Communications MA
M. Asikainen Viitekehys sosiaali- ja terveysalan ennakointimallien arviointiin OR
V. Linkiö A Multi-Objective Linear Programming Model for Ranking Competing Refineries OR
M. Mattila A cyclic exchange neighborhood search algorithm and transformations for the Generalized Vehicle Routing Problem OR
L. Pelkola Decision support system for hydropower planning under inflow uncertainty OR
E. Rantala Analyzing defense capability of a fleet of military aircraft through simulation OR
S. Saijets Modelling of preferences in multimodal routing algorithms OR
T. Seeve A structured method for identifying and visualizing scenarios OR
N. Shafik On clustering non-smooth functional observations OR
J. Sipilä On Generating Prime Numbers Efficiently OR
J. Vauhkonen Cross-Price Elasticities in Fashion Retail Pricing OR
T. Väänänen An activity-based model of travel demand using an open-source simulation framework OR
M. Härkönen Holonomic least angle regression MA
J. Ketola Approaches to Composable Effects in Haskell MA
T. Laine Transfer matrix for the hexagonal self-avoiding walk MA
K. Moring Ratkaisun olemassaolo epälineaarisille parabolisille ongelmille variaatiolaskennan suoria menetelmiä käyttäen MA
J. Hast Optimal work shift scheduling: a heuristic approach OR
R. Hyytiäinen Evaluating Trajectories of Air-to-Ground Weapons using a Probability Map for Surface-to-Air Threats OR
J. Jämsä On Passion and Leadership: A Discourse Analytic Approach OR
M. Landström Capabilities, structural change and climate policy OR
J. Lanne Pricing regulatory capital in over-the-counter derivatives OR
L. Nyman A Genetic Algorithm for Generating Optimal Stock Investment Strategies OR
J. Piipponen Kulkutapaosuuksien vuosittaisesta arvioinnista HSL-alueella OR
V. Pohjalainen Predicting service contract churn with decision tree models OR
A. Porokka Train driver rostering in Finland considering driver satisfaction OR
V. Riekkinen Vaihtoehtojen vertailu YVA-menettelyssä: Monikriteerimenetelmien arviointi OR
M. Sallila An Evaluation Model for a Ride-Sharing Problem OR
K. Selonen An Adaptive Recommender System for News Delivery OR
T. Väänänen An activity-based model of travel demand using an open-source simulation framework OR
A. Mallasto Lie Groups and Applications to Shape Analysis MA
M. Voutilainen Triangulations of the topological closed disk and circle packings MA
P. Alli OECD-maiden työttömyyden klusterirakenteista OR
T. Anttonen Procurement Contracts under Uncertain Demand OR
J. Happonen Theory Behind Regulatory Capital Formulae OR
J. Hirvonen, Stochastic approach to mid- and long-term forecasting of ERCOT real-time electricity price OR
V. Husgafvel Polyhedral Analysis of Up-peak Traffic Patterns in Elevator Dispatching Problem OR
J. Ilomäki Recognizing Transportation Modes by Multivariate Clustering of Accelerometer Data OR
J. Kaivosoja Imuohjautuva tuotantosysteemi epävarman kysynnän vallitessa OR
J. Kanerva Sellun markkinahinnan ennustemalli OR
L. Kauppinen Developing mid-term sales planning in an engineer-to-order business OR
T. Kinnunen Cost-efficient vacation planning with variable workforce demand and manpower OR
S. Klemettilä Henkilöstön strateginen mitoitus kokonaislukuoptimoinnilla OR
J. Kunnas Importance Sampling for Simulating Risk Contributions of Corporate Loan Portfolios OR
M. Kärki Computing pure-strategy punishments in repeated games OR
E. Lehtonen A Large-Scale Optimization Model for Tactical Wood Procurement Planning OR
A. Levo Predicting Pilot Fatigue in Commercial Air Transportation OR
N. Lietzén New Approach to Complex Valued ICA: From FOBI to AMUSE OR
H. Losoi Algebraic Approach For Reliability Engineering And Percolation Theory OR
S. Metsärinne Strategisen toimitilamallinnuksen tarkkuustason määrittäminen OR
J. Myrberg, A Recommender System for an Online Auction OR
V. Ojala Simulation support for medium-term production planning at an energy utility OR
V. Pekkanen Ruin Theoretical Comparisons OR
S. Rantala Assessing the Quality of Hydro-power Cascade Operation OR
J. Reinvall Total Valuation Adjustment with Collateralisation for Interest Rate Derivatives OR
A. Seppänen Utilizing acoustic measurements in equipment condition monitoring OR
R. Siljander Energy-climate-forest modelling for integrated policy analysis OR
H. Tuovila Optimised Strategies for Dynamic Asset Allocation OR
A. Voutilainen Spatial Objectives in Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning OR
M. Vähä-Pietilä Network Optimization of Drives Service Workshops OR
J. Öberg Palvelumuotoilu yrityksen tarjouksen tukena OR

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