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Latest publications and reports

Latest publications

Gess, Benjamin, Tölle, Jonas M.: Ergodicity and local limits for stochastic local and nonlocal $p$-Laplace equations. SIAM J. Math. Anal. 48(6), 2016, pp. 4094–4125. BibTeX

Riikka Korte, Niko Marola, Olli Saari: Homeomorphisms of the Heisenberg group preserving BMO., 2016. BibTeX

Niko Marola, Olli Saari: Local to global results for spaces of BMO type., 2016. BibTeX

Olli Saari: Parabolic BMO and global integrability of supersolutions to doubly nonlinear parabolic equations., 2016. BibTeX

Latest reports

Aalto University publication series Science + Technology

ST 3/2012
Saminathan Ponnusamy, Tri Quach, Antti Rasila
Harmonic shears of slit and polygonal mappings   [pdf]
Received 2012-01-10 * Harmonic univalent mappings, convex along real directions, convex functions, harmonic shear, polygonal mappings, slit mappings, and minimal surfaces * AMS 30C99, 30C62, 31A05, 53A10 * 17 pages
ST 21/2011
Harri Hakula, Tri Quach, Antti Rasila
Conjugate function method for numerical conformal mappings   [pdf]
Received 2011-09-30 * numerical conformal mappings, conformal modulus, quadrilaterals, canonical domains * AMS 30C30, 65E05, 31A15, 30C85 * 22 pages
ST 11/2011
Olavi Nevanlinna
Multicentric representation and von Neumann spectral sets   [pdf]
Received 2011-05-25 * von Neumann spectral sets, K-spectral sets, lemniscates, multicentric representation, Jacobi series, Riesz spectral projections * AMS 47A25, 30B99, 47A60 * 12 pages
ST 1/2011
Wolfgang Desch, Stig-Olof Londen
Maximal Regularity for Stochastic Integral Equations   [pdf]
Received 2011-01-07 * stochastic integral equations, maximal regularity, bounded H-infinity calculus, Volterra equations, singular kernels * AMS 60H15, 60H20, 45N05 * 15 pages

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