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Engström, Alexander: Decompositions of Betti diagrams of powers of monomial ideals A stability conjecture, Springer INdAM Series. 12, 2015, p. 37-40. [BibTeX...]

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Engström, Alexander, Norén, Patrik: Tverberg's theorem and graph coloring, DISCRETE AND COMPUTATIONAL GEOMETRY. 51(1), 2014, p. 207-220. [BibTeX...]


Engström, Alexander, Hersh, Patricia, Sturmfels, Bernd: Toric cubes, RENDICONTI DEL CIRCOLO MATEMATICO DI PALERMO. 62(1), 2013, p. 67-78. [BibTeX...]

Engström, Alexander, Stamps, Matthew: Betti diagrams from graphs, ALGEBRA AND NUMBER THEORY.(7), 2013, p. 1725-1742. [BibTeX...]

Engström, Alexander, Norén, Patrik: Ideals of Graph Homomorphisms, ANNALS OF COMBINATORICS. 17(1), 2013, p. 71-103. [BibTeX...]

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