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Latest publications

Kuortti, Juha, Malinen, Jarmo, Ojalammi, Antti: Post-processing speech recordings during MRI, BIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL. 39, 2018, p. 11-22.

Monteiro, Francisco A., Burr, Alister, Chatzigeorgiou, Ioannis, Hollanti, Camilla, Krikidis, Ioannis, Seferoglu, Hulya, Skachek, Vitaly: Special issue on network coding, EURASIP JOURNAL ON ADVANCES IN SIGNAL PROCESSING. 2017, 2017, p. 1-3.

Loikkanen, Oskari, Lahdelma, Risto, Salminen, Pekka: Multicriteria evaluation of sustainable energy solutions for Colosseum, SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY. 35, 2017, p. 289-297.

Armstrong, Scott, Kuusi, Tuomo, Mourrat, Jean Christophe, Prange, Christophe: Quantitative Analysis of Boundary Layers in Periodic Homogenization, ARCHIVE FOR RATIONAL MECHANICS AND ANALYSIS. 226(2), 2017, p. 695-741.

Mancuso, Alessandro, Compare, Michele, Salo, Ahti, Zio, Enrico: Portfolio optimization of safety measures for reducing risks in nuclear systems, RELIABILITY ENGINEERING AND SYSTEM SAFETY. 167, 2017, p. 20-29.

Sottinen, Tommi, Viitasaari, Lauri: Prediction law of fractional Brownian motion, STATISTICS AND PROBABILITY LETTERS. 129, 2017, p. 155-166.

Karjalainen, Joona, Leskelä, Lasse: Moment-based parameter estimation in binomial random intersection graph models, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 10519, 2017, p. 1–15.

Karrila, Alex, Väisänen, Niko, Karpuk, David, Hollanti, Camilla: Lattice coding for Rician fading channels from Hadamard rotations, 2017 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, ISIT 2017., p. 3110-3114.

Kuortti, Juha, Ojalammi, Antti, Hannukainen, Antti, Malinen, Jarmo: An acoustic glottal source for vocal tract physical model, MEASUREMENT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY., 2017.

Sundaria, Ravi, Lehikoinen, Antti, Hannukainen, Antti, Arkkio, Antero: Higher-order finite element modeling of material degradation due to cutting, 2017 IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference, IEMDC 2017..

Murtola, Tiina, Malinen, Jarmo: Waveform Patterns in Pitch Glides Near a Vocal Tract Resonance, Interspeech: Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association. , 2017, p. 3487-3491.

Lahtinen, Tuomas J., Hämäläinen, Raimo P., Liesiö, Juuso: Portfolio decision analysis methods in environmental decision making, ENVIRONMENTAL MODELLING AND SOFTWARE. 94, 2017, p. 73-86.

Künsemöller, Jörn, Zhang, Nan, Berg, Kimmo, Soares, João: A game-theoretic evaluation of an ISP business model in caching, INFORMATION SYSTEMS FRONTIERS. 19(4), 2017, p. 803-818.

Andelmin, Juho, Bartolini, Enrico: An Exact Algorithm for the Green Vehicle Routing Problem, TRANSPORTATION SCIENCE., 2017, p. 1-16.

Gustafsson, Tom, Stenberg, Rolf, Videman, Juha: On Finite Element Formulations for the Obstacle Problem - Mixed and Stabilised Methods, COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN APPLIED MATHEMATICS. 17(3), 2017, p. 413-429.

Hakula, Harri, Neilan, Michael, Ovall, Jeffrey S.: A Posteriori Estimates Using Auxiliary Subspace Techniques, JOURNAL OF SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING. 72(1), 2017, p. 97-127.

Toppila, Antti, Salo, Ahti: Binary decision diagrams for generating and storing non-dominated project portfolios with interval-valued project scores, EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONAL RESEARCH. 260(1), 2017, p. 244-254.

Toppila, Antti, Salo, Ahti: Selection of risk reduction portfolios under interval-valued probabilities, RELIABILITY ENGINEERING AND SYSTEM SAFETY. 163, 2017, p. 69-78.

Radnell, David, Schippers, Eric, Staubach, Wolfgang: Quasiconformal maps of bordered Riemann surfaces with L2 Beltrami differentials, JOURNAL D ANALYSE MATHEMATIQUE. 132(1), 2017, p. 229-245.

Yang, Xuxin, Rasila, Antti, Sottinen, Tommi: Walk On Spheres Algorithm for Helmholtz and Yukawa Equations via Duffin Correspondence, METHODOLOGY AND COMPUTING IN APPLIED PROBABILITY. 19(2), 2017, p. 589-602.


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