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Algebra and Discrete Mathematics

Welcome to the home page of the research area of Algebra and Discrete Mathematics at Aalto University. Our members conduct research in areas that include algebraic geometry, algebraic statistics, combinatorics, coding theory, cryptography, Lie theory, matrix theory, number theory, and representation theory.

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Algebra and algebraic geometry
Coding theory and cryptography
Lie theory and representation theory
Number theory

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  • Oscar Kivinen started as an Assistant Professor in September 2023.

Prospective students


We provide bachelor'smaster's and doctoral theses topics related to the above areas. The links contain lists of current topics and past theses. Contact the faculty and check their personal webpages for more info.


You are also welcome to take part in any of our lecture courses related to algebra and discrete mathematics.

Recent publications

Here is the research output for Algebra and Discrete Mathematics area.  On this site you can also find the research output of individuals and links to full texts of articles when available. For preprints check the arxiv and individual homepages.

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Upcoming seminars

Full list of our seminars

  • ANTA Seminar
  • There are also number theory seminars at both at Turku and Helsinki.

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