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Prof. Paul Van Dooren
A voting system with a fixed point – or how to judge the judges
* Today * Tuesday 17 May 2022,   14:45,   M1 (M232)
A voting system is presented that is based on an iterative procedure converging to a unique fixed point. The votes expressed by p raters regarding the reputation of n items, go into a p × n voting matrix X, which is possibly sparse when each rater does not evaluate all items. From this matrix X, a unique rating of the considered items is finally obtained via an iterative procedure which updates as well the reputations of the n items and that of the p raters. The proposed method converges linearly to the unique vector of reputations and this for any rating matrix. We also show how it can be used to detect fraudulous voters. We give some possible applications of this voting system.

Prof. Andreas Rupp (LUT University)
Partial differential equations on hypergraphs and networks of surfaces: Derivation and hybrid discretizations
* Wednesday 18 May 2022,   14:15,   M2 (M233)

Systeemitieteiden kandidaattiseminaari / Bachelor seminar in systems analysis
Wednesday 15 June 2022,   09:30,   Riihi (Y225a)
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