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Dr. Tapani Matala-aho
Hermite-Thue Equation: Padé approximations and Siegel’s Lemma
* Wednesday 22 September 2021,   15:15,   Zoom
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Padé approximations and Siegel’s lemma are widely used tools in Diophantine approximation theory. The appropriate homogeneous matrix equation representing both methods has an M x (L+1) coefficient matrix, where M≤L. Due to the Bombieri-Vaaler version of Siegel’s lemma, the upper bound of the minimal non-zero solution of the matrix equation can be improved by finding a big common factor of all the M x M minors of the coefficient matrix. We will present some key ingredients on how to find such a big common factor in the case of the exponential function. Further, in the case M=L, the existence of this common factor is a step towards understanding the nature of the ’twin type’ Hermite-Padé approximations to the exponential function. Joint work with Louna Seppälä.
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