Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis


Summer interns to the department of mathematics and systems analysis, deadline 14.2.

25. January 2018

Summer interns will work as research assistants having also other duties at the department. The results of the work will be reported as a bachelor’s thesis, a master’s thesis or a special assignment. We expect the applicants to have completed the studies of first two years. Salary is 1915 € - 2106 € per month depending on your education level.

Apply for this job through an eRecruitment system, application link here.

Attach one PDF file (LastnameFirstname.PDF), which should include the following:

  • application

  • cv

  • transcript of records (does not have to be official)

Please state in your application

- in which research group you want to work. Tell us also if you already have a topic or an instructor. You can also prioritize several research groups. The alternatives are Analysis; Discrete Mathematics; Applied Mathematics and Mechanics; Stochastics and Statistics; Systems and Operations research.

- if you have previous (summer) work experience at the department.

- which working period you prefer. Summer job takes usually 3 months, and the one- week holiday must be used during the summer, preferably in July. You can also take unpaid leave in addition, but the working time must be 3 months.


If you apply to Systems and Operations Research Group, please visit for more detailed topic descriptions and contact persons.

Deadline for the applications is Wed 14.2.2018.


There will be an info meeting about writing the bachelor’s thesis and about research groups on Thu 1.2. 13.00-14.00 in the coffee room of the Math Department (M243). Coffee will be served. Welcome!

More information from

Mathematics: Riikka Korte  (on vacation 3.-11.2.)

(3.-11.2. Nuutti Hyvönen

Systems and Operations Research: Juho Roponen

In application process-related questions: Johanna Glader (johanna.glader(at)

Summer interns will be chosen by 5 March 2018 at the latest.




Kirsi Peltonen receives 2018 mathematics prize

9. January 2018

The Finnish Mathematical Society’s 2018 Mathematics award has been given to Kirsi Peltonen, who works as a Senior University Lecturer at Aalto University and as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki. Peltonen has been awarded the Finnish Mathematical Society’s 2018 Mathematics Prize for her work to promote mathematics.

A particularly important reason for the award is her long-term, innovative and fruitful work to lower the walls of separation between mathematics and art, for example through courses held together with art and design researchers from Aalto University.

‘As the award has been given for my lifetime’s work for the good of Finnish mathematics, I feel it is also an award which affirms and commissions me for the future’, Peltonen comments.

Bold and interdisciplinary teaching

The course ‘Crystal Flowers in Halls of Mirrors: Mathematics meets Art and Architecture’ was mentioned as an example for the grounds of the award. The course was led by Peltonen and it culminated last year in the six-month-long ‘Sensual Mathematics’ exhibition which was put together by the 38-strong student group and held in the Heureka Science Centre.

The exhibition has previously been held twice in the premises of Aalto University, and the interdisciplinary course included students with a diverse range of skills.

‘This time the students included both first-years and doctoral students. Half of the students were from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture and the rest were from the School of Science and the School of Engineering’, Peltonen explains.

The meeting of art and mathematics led to the creation of eight three-dimensional works, which depicted phenomena such as fractals, origami and musical scales.

Peltonen has also toured around different schools giving presentations on mathematics. In her opinion, combining art and mathematics would benefit both subject areas and would increase diversity and the ongoing interaction between art and science.

‘Mathematical research involves a certain artistic aspect which would be good to bring more systematically into view also at all levels of mathematics teaching. Traditional artisan techniques and modern technology offer plenty of opportunities for perceiving mathematics through the different senses. Through artistic materials we get a new physical interface and feelings of success even for those that have for whatever reason been frustrated with mathematics’, Peltonen concludes.

Further information:

Kirsi Peltonen
Senior University Lecturer
Aalto University
tel. +358 50 574 7006

Defence of dissertation in the field of systems and operations research, Tuomas Lahtinen 19.1.2018

9. January 2018

Opponent: Research Professor Emeritus Ralph Keeney, Duke University


Custos: Professor of Practice Kai virtanen, Aalto University School of Science, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis


Further information

SCI Awards 2017 – winners and nominees

15. December 2017

The School of Science celebrated the year 2017 by congratulating the great work done in research, teaching and service.

See SCI Award winners and nominees – and some lovely things said about the winners – below.

Happy holidays and thank you for a fine year's work!


Nuutti Hyvönen

Nuutti takes care of his duties as programme director efficiently and decisions related to students are never late because of Nuutti. He considers each student as an individual, puts his mind into the special questions of the student, and thinks things through according to the best interest of the student. Nuutti’s exceptional work and co-operative attitude is highly appreciated by students, the department, and Learning Services alike.


Minna Westerlund

“Minna knows everything, solves any problems, and is always ready to take an extra step to make work/research/whatever easy and fluent for others. With her positive can-do attitude she is the soul of the department. Behind her back we call her "supersihteeri Minna" :)”

“Her office door is open, and even when Minna is super busy, she finds time to help. Moreover, Minna is super helpful and never lets you down. She's the reason why everything in our laboratory seems to work and get done effortlessly.”

“Minna is always positive, helpful and overall the best person for her position that I can imagine. She is reliable and her friendly attitude welcomes requests of all kind. She is one the most important persons at the department: she has decades of expertise, which is invaluable and irreplaceable.”

Väisälä Awards to Professor Camilla Hollanti and Adjunct Professor Sabrina Maniscalco

12. December 2017


Professor Camilla Hollanti, photo by Lasse Lecklin.

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters has granted the Väisälä Award 2017 to two merited researchers in upcoming fields of science. Both Hollanti and Maniscalco are spearheads in their respective, globally highly competitive fields.

Camilla Hollanti is a professor at Aalto University Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis. Sabrina Maniscalco is a professor at the University of Turku and adjunct professor at Aalto University and also the Vice Director of the new Centre of Excellence in Quantum Technology in Aalto University appointed by the Academy of Finland.

Hollanti leads a group at Aalto who study algebra, number theory, combinatorics, coding theory, and information theory all of which they apply especially to communication technology. Research foci include distributed data storage systems, 5G networks and privacy issues.

Hollanti is on research leave at the Technical University of Munich and will return to Aalto in autumn 2018.

maniscalco.jpgSabrina Maniscalco studies quantum physics and the fundamentals of quantum technology. Quantum technology is a heatedly competitive research area: applications that make use of quantum phenomena have the potential to revolutionise several fields in technology and society at large. The entanglement of quantum states and quantum superpositions open up unprecedented possibilities for, for example, ultra-fast computing and unbreakable encryption techniques that can take information processing, communication technologies and highly sensitive measurement devices to whole new realms.

Maniscalco is also known as an avid communicator and devoted to popularising science. She has, among other things, been involved in Finnish Game Jam, an event where physicists and game developers create games that could help solve scientific problems and build intuition of quantum phenomena.

(Professor Sabrina Maniscalco, photo by University of Turku.)

Stochastic Sauna, Tuesday 19 December, 2017, Hall U3, 10:15-17:15

7. December 2017

Stochastic Sauna is a traditional workshop that brings together researchers and students working on probability, statistics, and their applications. This year the workshop is held on Tuesday 19 Dec 2017 at Aalto University.

The confirmed speakers are:


- Roland Bauerschmidt (University of Cambridge)

- Aristides Gionis (Aalto University)

- Mikko Pakkanen (Imperial College London)

- Eveliina Peltola (University of Geneva)

- Jaakko Peltonen (University of Tampere)

- Lauri Viitasaari (University of Helsinki)


The registration form, and more detailed information is available on the web page:

New hourly paid teachers of mathematics and systems analysis for spring 2018

16. October 2017

The Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis is seeking

New hourly-paid teachers in Mathematics and Systems Analysis for spring term 2018

We expect the applicants to have completed at least 20 credits of mathematical studies at university level with good grades, as well as showing interest towards being a teacher. If you have previous experience in teaching, it is considered as an advantage, but is not necessary. The work consists mainly of assisting first year bachelor level mathematics' courses and correcting exams and exercises. This is a part time job (4 hours/week).

Systems Analysis:
We expect the applicants to have completed the course they are interested in. This is a part time job (2 or 4 hours/week).

We are seeking teachers for the following courses in spring 2018:

MS-C2105 Optimoinnin perusteet (several teachers needed), MS-C2107 Sovelletun matematiikan tietokonetyöt (several teachers needed); MS-C2132 Systeemianalyysilaboratorio I; MS-E2134 Decision making and problem solving; MS-E2146 Integer programming; MS-E2148 Dynamic optimization; MS-E2170 Simulation; SCI-C0200 Fysiikan ja matematiikan menetelmien studio (several teachers needed).


The salary is 30-35 euros/hour based on your education level. In addition, a fixed amount of exam and exercise correction hours will be added to the teaching hours. Please note! These jobs are meant for Aalto University students. Most of the courses are taught in Finnish.

Apply for this job through eRecruitment system.

Attached to the application, you will need (in pdf format) a CV, transcript of records, and an open application where you explain also
- in what courses you are interested in teaching, and
- in what languages you are willing to teach (suomi/svenska/English).

Deadline for the applications is Mon 6.11.2017.

Based on the applications, we invite some of the applicants to take part in web interview during May.

More information:
- Mathematics: jarmo.malinen(at); ville.turunen(at)
- Systems analysis: kimmo.berg(at)
- Recruiting related questions: johanna.glader(at)





Aalto Bachelor's programme in Science and Technology in English to start in 2018

12. October 2017

Aalto University will launch a new Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology in English in the autumn of 2018. All Aalto University schools of engineering will be involved in the programme.

In the new programme, all students complete the same basic studies with strong focus on mathematical and computational methods and robust information technology skills. In all schools, the major subjects will be designed with these perspectives in mind.

On the first application round in January 2018, there will be two study options: Data Science at the School of Science, and Digital Systems and Design at the School of Electrical Engineering. The majors to be provided by the School of Chemical Engineering and the School of Engineering will be confirmed during next year.

There may also be plans for additional majors between different schools of engineering. In the first year, 25 students will be admitted per programme, but, in the long run, the goal is to have slightly over 100 new students entering the programme each year.   

Top-level experts to the needs of the digital society

Jouko Lampinen, Dean of the School of Science, considers the new Bachelor's programme significant.

‘Digitalisation changes the world faster than any of the earlier industrial revolutions. The impacts of artificial intelligence, data science and automation go deep in every sector, both in technology and economy. Aalto's new BSc Programme in English is a response to this challenge.’

‘We did not build a copy of a conventional Bachelor’s programme in Science and Technology, but the programme is built upon strong mathematical and information technology skills. In their majors, students can continue to go deeper into data science and artificial intelligence or digital systems engineering, which are all fields suffering from serious shortage of top-level experts. The programme will be expanded in the coming years in such a manner that the majors enable specialisation in various fields of technology. The programme complements excellently the contribution Aalto is making as the driver of digital revolution in the Finnish industry and business,’ Jouko Lampinen points out.

Admission based on the student’s previous academic record

The programme will not have any entrance examinations, but all students are selected on the basis of paper selection. There will be two admission groups for the programme:
-     The students that have completed the Finnish matriculation examination or the international baccalaureate degree (IB, EB, RP) in Finland are selected on the basis of certificates in accordance with the DIA application procedure*.
-    International applicants are required to have completed the SAT test as well as the SAT Subject Test in mathematics.

Application period for the new Aalto Bachelor’s Programme in Science and Technology in English will be 9 – 24 January, 2018.

Admission information will be updated on the Aalto University's Studies website during October.

* The joint application procedure in engineering and architecture

Photo: Aino Huovio

20.10.2017: Fyysikkospeksi: Vive! - One hundred days to Revolution

20. October 2017 19.00


Vive! is the sixth production of Fyysikkospeksi, a musical made mostly by engineering physics and math students. This year there are five shows in Finnish starting from October 20th and one in English on November 19th, all in Gloria (Pieni Roobertinkatu 12-14) in the center of Helsinki.

Vive! - One hundred days to Revolution takes the audience to the birth of the French Revolution. A young freedom fighter Vivienne arrives in Marseille, trying to spark a seed of rebellion in the oppressed townsfolk. Standing between her and the revolution, however, is chief constable Abel Const, the law and order of Marseille, and Jacques, a fetching long-time criminal.

  • Can Vivienne rise up to the Ivory Tower and negotiate with the nobles ruling over the people?
  • Are her dreams of revolution threatened by unexpected love?
  • Why does Jean-Baptiste, the most miserable street urchin in all of Marseille, smile as he chews on an old shoe?

Vive! - One hundred days to Revolution a story about love and the collision of world views. What have you sacrificed for your dreams?

The showtimes are Friday 20.10. 19:00, Saturday 21.10. 16:00, Tue 31.10. 19:00, Wed 1.11. 19:00, Thu 2.11. 19:00 in Finnish and Sunday 19.11. at 18:00 in English.

Tickets 12 euros (students, balcony) / 15 euros (students, floor) / 20 euros (adults) / 40 euros (patrons). The cloakroom charge is included in the price.

More information and tickets:


Call for Submissions: Radical Relevances Conference

6. September 2017

25.–27.4.2018, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland

Call for submissions by 30th of September

The First Global Radical Relevances Conference asks: How do economic, social, and cultural practices reflect the global uncertainty of today with its shifting geopolitics and environmental realities? How to engage in new ways of thinking about and practicing in terms of human and nonhuman co-existence and flourishing in the midst of vast predictable and unpredictable planetary transformations? How to study the relevances of certain objective realities that nevertheless escape the sensory equipment of an individual?


We call for social and natural scientists, artists, philosophers and activists to go beyond the rational or rationalized to the actual relevances underlying human activity. Such a focus requires not only more attention to everyday life, but also novel methodologies and research designs. We call for thinking about how to mobilize objectively relevant ideas to people so that these become relevant in their everyday life – at both work and home. The conference aims at serious de-normalization of the status quo, yet even more importantly, to explore, formalize, and theorize answers and resolutions to the urgent and massive problems that humanity and the planet face.


The theme for this first conference is open. However, if possible, our interests converge towards two, seemingly unconnected topics: the Arctic region and health-beyond-human. Melting ice caps on Greenland not only dislodge natural resources to mining, drilling and damming, but NATO camps formerly buried by ice now exude toxins into the thawed flows. Inuit women – sharing a similar fate with the ice bear, another large carnivore mammal from the same region – have the largest amounts of heavy metals in their mother’s milk. In addition to the melting ice, global winds converge pollutants from the rest of the world to Greenland and the Arctic Sea. Indeed, we learn from the Inuit and the ice-bear that on this planet, there is no remoteness, no outside.


Submission forms

1. Essay submissions

Please submit your long abstract (of 1000 – 1500 words) or short paper (max 3000 words) to by 30th of September, 2017. Please include any images, tables, or diagrams at low resolution at this phase. Please state Title, Author(s), and Email Address. Upon acceptance to conference we ask you to submit a full paper of max 8000 words.


2. Art and other submissions

You may also submit works in other forms – for instance, a poster, performance, workshop, or an intervention. Tell us about the work you would like to present and we will be in touch with you to find appropriate ways to include it in the limited settings of our conference. Please submit your proposal (max 1500 words) to by 30th of September, 2017. Please include images only at low resolution at this phase. If applicable, add links to online video and/or audio material. Please state Title, Author(s) and/or Artist(s), and Email Address.

ACCEPTANCE TO THE CONFERENCE notification at the latest 1st of November 2017



Pia Lindman
Professor (Artistic Practices), Department of Art +358 50 4417 104

19.09.2017: A public lecture series 'Internet Forum'

19. September 2017 17.15

In autumn 2017, Aalto University will organise the Internet Forum a series of public lectures that will focus on 'The future and safety of technology". The eight lectures in total will focus on the possibilities presented by digitalisation from various perspectives. The development of digitalisation is one of Aalto University's key areas in research and teaching.

Each lecture can also be viewed either via a live stream or at a later time online.

The Twitter hashtag for the lectures is #aaltodigi.

The lectures will be open to everyone free-of-charge. Participation does not require signing up in advance. The lectures will be held in English.

Link to the live stream and earlier broadcasts




Ti 19.09.2017       17:15 - 19:00

How does technology change the world and the man?

  • Dr. Johanna Kohl, VTT
  • Esko Kilpi, Esko Kilpi Oy

Ti 26.09.2017       17:15 - 19:00

The importance of technology and security for companies

  • Pasi Eronen, Technology Industries of Finland

  • Mika Susi, Confederation of Finnish Industries

Ti 03.10.2017       17:15 - 19:00

The influence of technology in the media and communications environment

  • Elina Melgin, ProCom

Ti 10.10.2017        17:15 - 19:00

Algorithms, filter bubbles and narratives: organizing our everyday on social media

  • Salla-Maaria Laaksonen, University of Helsinki
  • Jan Staf, IBM

Ti 31.10.2017       17:15 - 19:00

The effect of digitalization on leadership and organizations

  • Sami Honkonen, CEO TmrwLabs
  • Mikko Rusama, Yle

Ti 07.11.2017       17:15 - 19:00  

The position of large corporations in the future of technology and security

  • Max Mickelsson, Microsoft
  • Marja Laitinen, Microsoft

Ti 14.11.2017        17:15 - 19:00

The future of Internet and digitalization

  • Yrjö Länsipuro, ISOC Finland
  • Sirkka Heinonen, University of Turku

Ti 28.11.2017        17:15 - 19:00  

Military technology - present and future

  • Jyri Kosola, Research Director at Finnish Defence Forces

More information:
Professor of Practice Jarno Limnéll
 tel +358 40 527 6173
 Aalto University School of Electrical Engineering
 Twitter: @JarnoLim

27.10.2017: Defence of dissertation in the field of mathematics, Lauri Mustonen, M.Sc.(Tech.)

27. October 2017 12.00

Lauri Mustonen, M.Sc.(Tech.), will defend the dissertation "Approximations and Surrogates for Computational Inverse Boundary Value Problems" on 27 October 2017 at 12 noon in Aalto University School of Science, lecture hall M1, Otakaari 1, Espoo.

Opponent: Professor Roland Griesmaier, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Germany

Custos: Professor Nuutti Hyvönen, Aalto University School of Science, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

13.10.2017: Defence of dissertation in the field of systems and operations research, Tero Tyrväinen, M.Sc.(Tech.)

13. October 2017 12.00

Tero Tyrväinen, M.Sc.(Tech.), will defend the dissertation "Theoretical and Methodological Extensions to Dynamic Reliability Analysis" on 13 October 2017 at 12 noon in Aalto University School of Science, Otakaari 1, lecture hall H304, Espoo. The dissertation studies dynamic flowgraph methodology for the reliability analysis of dynamic systems, and develops risk importance measures to identify the most important components of the systems and modelling of common cause failures between components.

Dissertation release (pdf, in Finnish)

Opponent: Professor Tim Bedford, University of Strathclyde, UK

Custos: Professor Ahti Salo, Aalto University School of Science, Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis

Electronic dissertation:

02.11.2017: RISK 2017 - Conference on Risk and Security

2. November 2017 9.00


The theme of the conference “Risk and Security” highlights the role risk plays in relation to security.  There are, however, no simple ways to deal with these concerns and issues and conventional risk assessment methods are challenged by the need for new concepts and tools to properly handle security risks. 

The conference brings together practitioners and academics interested in risk assessment, risk management and risk communication in security context. In addition, the interface between security and safety will be discussed. The 2-day conference consists of key note talks, panels and workshops.

Deadline for abstracts is 15 September 2017

For more information, please visit

We wish you warmly welcome to the conference!

On behalf of the local organising committee,

Marja Ylönen, Senior Scientist, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

09.05.2017: Sensual Mathematics Exhibition

9. May 2017 10.00

Sensual Math

Note! The exhibition time has been extended until 22 October! Please see further information on Heureka website, and see the video on Aalto University`s Youtube.

The final exhibition of the transdisciplinary course at Aalto University is a concrete opening to enhance the interaction between scientific and artistic practices. It aims to break clichés related to mathematics by bringing deep phenomena of the field to the level of human experience.

Open-minded collaboration across the conventional barriers between disciplines enables the pursuit of diverse goals and aims. The exhibition also presents inspiring examples and ideas of new directions for education, from early childhood to research level. Students on the course come from different Schools of Aalto from freshmen to PhD students.

“Sensual Mathematics” is an expression of an intimate, inseparable relation between the sensual and the rational approaches of each team of students towards low dimensional geometry and topology.

The vertical artworks of the exhibition create a natural space inviting the visitor to wander into its forest-like growth.

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