Department of Mathematics and Systems Analysis


Projects (current)

Mathematics education pilot project  (2015-1016)

Purpose of the project is to develop computer aided teaching of mathematics. The most important areas of development are automatically graded exercises and the display of mathematics online. The project uses an open source software called STACK. STACK is a question type for the Moodle environment that makes possible the randomization of initial values, automatic grading as well as personalized, informative and automatic feedback. More information on the STACK system is available here. The project produces and develops STACK questions on the Abacus server. The project is coordinated by Aalto university and many higher education institutes in Finland are already participating.

Projects (past)


The goal of the S3M2 project was to produce bridge material on the open source Mumie system. More information can be found on the project homepage.


The Mattia project produced and developed computer aided materials to aid in mathematics education. The materials can be found on the homepage (in Finnish).

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