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in Finnish/ suomeksi

Helsinki University of Technology, 
Institute of Mathematics

Mat-1.3651 Numerical Linear Algebra (2008, 5cr)

This course replaces Mat-1.175.

Recent news

NB! This page is no longer updated (at least not regularly). All information is given (in Finnish on Spring 2008) on the Noppa portal.

Course contents


Exercises (appearing weekly, on Fridays latest).
Some reference books:

  1. L. N. Trefethen, D. Bau III: Numerical Linear Algebra. 1997
  2. T. Eirola and O. Nevanlinna: Numerical Linear Algebra 2003 lecture notes (gzipped pdf, 0.5MB).
  3. J.W. Demmel: Applied Numerical Linear Algebra. 1997.
  4. G.W. Stewart: Introduction to Matrix Computations. 1973.
  5. G.H. Golub and C.F. Van Loan: Matrix Computations. 1996.
  6. O. Axelsson: Iterative solution Methods. 1994.

We will mainly follow the book by L. N. Trefethen, D. Bau III: Numerical Linear Algebra. This one starts with SVD instead of the traditional Gauss elimination. Also you can download T. Eirola and O. Nevanlinna: 2003 Lecture Notes (gzipped pdf, 0.5MB. Right-click and "Save as...").

2007 home page and 2006 home page.

Time table

On Spring 2008 there are 9x4h lectures and 10x2h exercises.

A more precise plan/report on the lectures is in this link..



By exam on April soon after lectures and exercises are finished (precise date will be agreed on start!) or in May 2008. Completed home assignments will be taken into account (approximately: exam 75-85%, homework 15-25% - haven't decided yet!). The course is worth 5 credits.

The home assignments will be handed in to the assistant latest at the beginning of the exercise (1st ones on Thu 24.1.08 at 14.15 in room Y313), or earlier (agree with the assistant). Remember to include your name and student ID.