NumericsYear 2008-2009


Hotel and TKK


Helsinki University of Technology
Institute of Mathematics

Workshop on Numerics in Dynamical Systems

TKK, April 23-25, 2009 

Organizers: Timo Eirola, Olavi Nevanlinna 

The workshop will concentrate on dynamical systems and their numerical treatment using the interactive play of analysis and numerics. Much attention will be paid on qualitative analysis of dynamical systems using numerical methods. The objects will include invariant sets, bifurcation phenomena, and Lyapunov exponents. The main topics of the workshop will include preservation of important qualitative properties of systems in their numerical time propagation. And even more generally: how to employ efficiently in the numerical computations the available a priori information of the system and a posteriori use; the aim of the computation. For efficiency, the methods based on exponential integrators and other types of lower dimensional local approximations will get special interest. These will include also stochastic methods.