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Workshop on Numerics in Dynamical Systems

April 23-25, 2009, TKK Helsinki, Finland

Thursday, April 23

10.00        Registration and coffee

10.30        Opening

10.40-12.00  Chair: Olavi Nevanlinna

             Christian Lubich, University of Tübingen
             Modulated Fourier expansions for weakly nonlinear wave equations

             Sebastian Reich,University of Potsdam
             Hybrid Monte Carlo and Metropolis adjusted time-stepping methods 
             for classical mechanics subject to fluctuation-dissipation terms.

12.00        Lunch

13.20-14.40  Chair: Marlis Hochbruk

             Willy Govaerts, University of Gent
             Basic models for cell cycle controls from a dynamic viewpoint

             Erik Van Vleck, University of Kansas
             Exponential dichotomy, matrix decompositions, and Newton's method

14.40        Coffee

15.20-16.00  Chair: Chus Sanz-Serna

             Gennady Leonov, St Petersburg University
             Hidden oscillations

             Marianna Khanamiryan, University of Cambridge
             Quadrature methods for highly oscillatory dynamical systems

17.00-19.00  Get together

Friday, April 24

9.10-10.30   Chair: Luca Dieci

             Ben Leimkuhler,  University of Edinburgh
             Controlled variable molecular dynamics 

             Anders Szepessy, KTH Stockholm
             Accuracy of molecular dynamics simulations 

10.30        Coffee

11.00-12.20  Chair: Bernd Krauskopf

             Chus Sanz-Serna, Universidad de Valladolid
             Computational experiences with multiscale methods for problems
             with fast oscillations

             Marlis Hochbruck, University of Düsseldorf
             Regularization of nonlinear inverse problems by certain time 
             integration schemes

12.20        Lunch

13.30-14.50  Chair: Christian Lubich

             Alexander Ostermann,  University of Innsbruck
             Convergence analysis of splitting methods

             Reinout Quispel, La Trobe University
             Geometric numerical integration of differential equations

14.50        Coffee

15.20-16.40  Chair: Gennady Leonov

             Etienne Emmrich, Technische Universität Berlin
             Stability and convergence of time discretisation methods 
             for nonlinear evolution problems

             Philip Aston, University of Surrey
             Integration methods using vector norms for computing  
             Lyapunov exponents

17.30        Sauna w. refreshments

19.00-23.00  Dinner (casual, buffet)

Saturday, April 25

9.10-10.30   Chair: Reinout Quispel

             Dimitri Breda, Università di Udine
             Numerical computation of Lyapunov exponents for delay 
             differential equations

             Bernd Krauskopf, University of Bristol
             Computing the symbolic dynamics of heteroclinic orbits of the 
             Lorenz system

10.30        Coffee

11.00-12.20  Chair: Anders Szepessy

             Sergei Pilyugin, St Petersburg University
             Approximate trajectories for set-valued mappings and differential 

             Nikolay Kuznetsov, St Petersburg University 
             Period doubling bifurcation in discrete phase-locked loop

12.20        Lunch at Dipoli

13.30-14.50  Chair: Ben Leimkuhler

             Olavi Nevanlinna, TKK Helsinki
             Computing the spectrum and representing the resolvent

             Luca Dieci, Georgia Tech
             Sliding modes in Filippov systems 

14.50        Closing