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Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering (SCEE 2008)

The Finnish Mathematical Society has chosen Numerical Analysis as the theme for the visitor program for 2008-2009. The main events of the Special Year are one week workshops and smaller courses between June 2008 and June 2009. They are organized mainly by Helsinki University of Technology, TKK. Keynote speakers of the workshops are invited to visit the organizers for 1-3 months. These are connected to the TKK 100 years celebration in 2008.



There are several short courses related to the Special Year in Numerics 2008-2009.

Opening conference: Perspectives in Numerical Analysis
Organizers: Timo Eirola, Rolf Stenberg
TKK, May 27-29, 2008

This will be a high profile opening conference with wide spectrum of modern numerical analysis, including especially numerical methods for differential equations and large linear systems. This will also celebrate the 60th birthdays of Olavi Nevanlinna and Juhani Pitkäranta.

Workshop on Reliable Modelling and Scientific Computing
Organizers: Pekka Neittaanmäki, Raino Mäkinen, Sergey Repin
University of Jyväskylä, Department of Mathematical Information Technology,
August 15-16, 2008

The workshop is organized to bring together specialists developing mathematical theory and new computational methods for the reliable mathematical modelling of various problems in natural sciences.

The main topics of the workshop are:

  • Reliable modelling for problems in mechanics, physics, biology, and other applied sciences.
  • Mesh generation and mesh-adaptive numerical methods.
  • A priori and a posteriori error control of approximate solutions.
  • Analysis of problems with stochastic and not completely determined data.

  • Workshop on Numerics and Stochastics
    Organizers: Stefan Geiss, Timo Eirola, Dario Gasbarra, Damien Lamberton, Teemu Pennanen
    TKK, August 25-29, 2008

    Stochastic methods, for example Monte Carlo methods for stochastic integration, are widely used in numerics. Originally purely deterministic problems get a probabilistic component by an average error analysis. Conversely, the practical solution of various stochastic problems, like forward and backward stochastic differential equations, require efficient numerical methods.

    The workshop is devoted to the various connections between Numerics and Stochastics from the theoretical point of view and from the view point of applications, for example in finance.

    Conference on Numerical Matrix Analysis and Operator Theory
    Organizers: Marko Huhtanen, Olavi Nevanlinna, Yuriy Tomilov, Jaroslav Zemánek
    TKK, September 3-5, 2008

    Numerical matrix analysis and operator theory evolve both in close interaction as well as in separation. A close interaction on a practical level takes place in large scale numerical linear algebra. Computational problems have given rise to many operator and matrix theoretic questions and concepts. (Examples: Resolvent growth, wavelets, R-linear matrix analysis, nearness problems.) Similarly, very pure operator theoretic developements can have a major impact on numerical methods, matrix theory and applications. (Examples: Approximation theory of Hilbert space operators, C*-algebras, ill-posed problems.) The purpose of this conference is to bring together people from a wide range of numerical matrix analysis and operator theory, to learn about mathematics from the perspective of multiple fields, and to meet a diverse group of people and have an opportunity to form new collaborations.

    Workshop on Numerics in Dynamical Systems
    Organizers: Timo Eirola, Olavi Nevanlinna
    TKK, April 23-25, 2009

    The workshop will concentrate on dynamical systems and their numerical treatment using the interactive play of analysis and numerics. Much attention will be paid on qualitative analysis of dynamical systems using numerical methods. The objects will include invariant sets, SRB-measures, bifurcation phenomena, and Lyapunov exponents. The main topics of the workshop will include preservation of important qualitative properties of systems in their numerical time propagation. And even more generally: how to employ efficiently in the numerical computations the available a priori information of the system and a posteriori use; the aim of the computation. For efficiency, the methods based on exponential integrators and other types of lower dimensional local approximations will get special interest. These will include also stochastic methods.

    The European Finite Element Fair 2009
    Organizers: Rolf Stenberg, Juhani Pitkäranta, Mikko Lyly
    TKK, June 5-6, 2009

    In May 2009 we will host the annual European Finite Element Fair, which since its initiation in Cambridge 2003 has been a central workshop for fast and informal communication of research results.

    Previous European Finite Element Fairs.

    Program committee

    Olavi Nevanlinna (TKK)
    Timo Eirola, Marko Huhtanen, Juhani Pitkäranta, Rolf Stenberg
    University of Jyväskylä
    Stefan Geiss, Raino Mäkinen, Pekka Neittaanmäki, Timo Tiihonen

    Mika Juntunen