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Courses in Algebra and Discrete Mathematics 2018-2019 Poster

Period V Varying Content Courses Poster

Our group is lecturing the following courses. Some of the courses are lectured on a regularly basis, some less frequently. If your favorite course is not going to be lectured anytime soon, you can always ask to do it as a reading course. Note that some of the courses are so-called "varying content" courses, hence the codes below might vary.

∇ MS-C1080 Abstract Algebra (period III, every year)

∇ MS-E1110 Number Theory (period II, every year) (In 2019, this course is given in period I, exceptionally)

∇ MS-E1111 Galois Theory (period IV, even years)

∇ MS-E1996 Coding Theory (varying content, period II, 2018)

∇ MS-E1995 Applications of Coding Theory in Security (varying content, period V, 2019)

∇ MS-E1997 Abstract Algebra II (varying content, period V, 2019)

∇ MS-E1998 Commutative Algebra (varying content, period V, 2019)

∇ MS-E1998 Algebraic Number Theory (varying content, period V, 2018)

∇ MS-E1996 Matroid Theory (varying content, period III, 2018)

∇ MS-E1998 Finite Geometry (varying content, period III, 2017)

∇ MS-E1992 Mathematical Tools for Coding Theory and Data Storage (varying content, period III, 2016)

∇ MS-E1995 Elliptic Curves (varying content, period II, 2016)

∇ MS-E1994 Elliptic Curve Cryptography (varying content, period I, 2016)

∇ MS-E1996 Algebraic Lattices and Applications (project course, varying content, period IV, 2015)

∇ MS-E1089 Seminar on Algebra, Number Theory and Applications to Communications and Computing (continuous)

See MyCourses for more details.