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Publications for the following people: Antti Ojalammi

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Kuortti, Juha, Malinen, Jarmo, Ojalammi, Antti: Post-processing speech recordings during MRI, BIOMEDICAL SIGNAL PROCESSING AND CONTROL. 39, 2018, p. 11-22. [BibTeX...]


Kuortti, Juha, Ojalammi, Antti, Hannukainen, Antti, Malinen, Jarmo: An acoustic glottal source for vocal tract physical model, MEASUREMENT SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY., 2017. [BibTeX...]

Ojalammi, Antti, Malinen, Jarmo: Automated Segmentation of Upper Airways from MRI Vocal Tract Geometry Extraction, Proceedings of the 10th International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies ., p. 77-84. [BibTeX...]


Ojalammi, Antti, Hannukainen, Antti: On Exterior Acoustics and Speech Modelling, Proceedings of the 28th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics., p. 133-136. [BibTeX...]

Kuortti, Juha, Kivi, Joonas, Malinen, Jarmo, Ojalammi, Antti: Mouth impedance optimisation for vocal tract resonances of vowels, Proceedings of the 28th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics, Tallinn 2015., p. 93-96. [BibTeX...]


Hannukainen, Antti, Malinen, Jarmo, Ojalammi, Antti: Exterior Space Model for an Acoustic Eigenvalue Problem, Proceedings of the 27th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics., p. 85-88. [BibTeX...]

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